Oxymed-CPAP(i-Series C5)

Oxymed-CPAP(i-Series C5)

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    Oxymed C PAP:

        A CPAP machine takes in room air, then filters and pressurizes it before delivering it through a tube and into your mask. The continuous flow of air gently keeps your tongue, uvula, and soft palate from shifting too far into your airway. This stabilizes your breathing and improves your overall sleep quality


    List of Accessories:

    • Power cord with adapter
    • Hose Pipe (Standard)
    • Mask (Nasal, Full face)
    • Filter
    • SD card
    • Humidifier



    • Model – I Series C5
    • Modes – CPAP, Auto CPAP
    • Pressure Range – 4-20cmH2O
    • Pressure Accuracy - +/-0.2cmH2O
    • Ramp Time – 0-45min
    • Humidification level – 1-5 Levels
    • Auto ON/OFF – Yes
    • Data Storage Capacity – 16GB USB Disk
    • Weight – 1.9kg
    • Sound Level - <30dB
    • Mask – Nasal, Full Face
    • Leak Alert – Yes
    • Realtime Monitoring – AHI. 95% Pressure and leak
    • Central Sleep Apnea Detection – Yes
    • Automatic Synchronization Technology – Yes
    • Preheat – Yes



    • It keeps the Airway open while sleep.
    • Significantly improve the sleep quality reduce the risk of health issue including heart disease and stroke.
    • It can supply the continuous room oxygen to the patients
    • Easy to carry from one place to another place.
    • We can use this device 247.
    • Sound levels are very low.
    • Minimal maintenance



    • MRP - 59990-

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